Digital Workshops bridge the divide between plans and action

Knowledge Transfer is the Problem

The idea of ‘transfer’ suggests some kind of distance to be travelled, or gap to be bridged. And every time the knowledge is updated, it’s time for another ‘transfer’ — another slog to get across the chasm to reach the people on the other side. Of course, people involved in implementing or executing the ideas from the workshop need to know about those ideas and have access to the latest developments. They should also be able to easily feed information back from the real world to allow actions to be refined and better aligned, but without constantly having to go the extra organisational mile each time.

Taking ‘Transfer’ Out of the Equation

If workshops and forums are organised in the right way, the knowledge shared and the insights generated can be captured on the spot in a format that is instantly shareable with all concerned. In this case, we don’t have to deal with the challenge of transfer any more, we just have to give access to the right people. And by allowing those people to access supporting resources (like powerpoints, videos, charts), explore relationships between the different points raised, visualise timelines for action, and comment on and discuss progress at any time, we solve the problem of distributing knowledge updates as well.

Back to Basics with the Digital Workshop

It’s called a digital workshop because it uses digital technology to make the workshop more efficient and to facilitate real action once the workshop itself has ended. But what a good digital workshop really does is to durably set up the kind of natural give and take the environment that makes the best workshops so valuable and to extend that environment into the action phases that follow.



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