Improve collaboration and productivity with Remote Digital Workshops

The problem faced by many enterprise organisations right now is how to run effective remote digital workshops, meetings and events to accommodate dispersed teams and be productive and successful in sharing post event knowledge and decisions with colleagues.

People spend a lot of time in meetings and workshops within your business. However, it’s never that easy to get everyone together in the same room and consequently the process, often limited by the calendar, can be a barrier to good decision making. Right now, the need to make your meetings virtual and more collaborative is going to improve productivity by being able to make quick informed decisions, reducing time and cost in the process.

Why digital workshops?

A lot of work for Strategy and Roadmapping is undertaken using workshops but all too often communication gets locked in pdf’s and word documents between workshop sessions, never becoming part of the ‘business as usual’ process needed to progress the strategy. Digitally SharpCloud can do this. By capturing the content and ideas on the spot and creating a digital document with living content, that knowledge transfer happens. This is key for a business to move forward and to be able to act upon decisions made at or resulting from the workshop.

Discover how you can run effective remote digital planning workshops with SharpCloud and improve collaboration and productivity.

SharpCloud enables companies to run remote digital workshops and more importantly, handle the reporting around them in a visually engaging and collaborative way. Once in SharpCloud, the ideas, concepts and strategies formulated at the workshop or project review can be presented in various views and shared with all those involved, wherever they happen to be. Items can be augmented with supporting information, reference links, related documents and so forth. Context and meaning is retained and can be further developed through relationships which associate items and reflect the inter-dependence of ideas and tasks.

Collaboration continues

Users can view and comment on workshop stories instantly, with no delay or manual processing impeding the ongoing creative process. Collaboration continues with the opportunity to evolve ideas either through additional shared online sessions, or through the completion of their individual allotted tasks and the further feedback this generates. The data, sharing of ideas, knowledge and feedback are all in one place, accessible by all, keeping the conversation alive.

Increased productivity

By being more efficient and using the knowledge to execute decisions, productivity is increased and a better alignment between the event and the business is achieved. Ultimately this is about taking the ‘buzz’ of the workshop and making that an everyday reality for the way people work thereafter.

Strategy meetings and workshops can be run virtually monthly, giving you the ability to change and develop your strategy more frequently, allowing your business to become more agile and more competitive. You can create, review, share and communicate without having to email actions, documents and waste time and money travelling to meetings and workshops.

Additional benefits of remote virtual workshops

Convenience. People can participate in a professional workshop without having to leave their home. They can take it on their mobile device or computer in the comfort of their living room or office, saving them time, as well as effort. Virtual workshops keep things simple.

Accessibility. Online virtual workshops open the world of knowledge up to people, because they are no longer bound to only being able to attend workshops in their geographic area. Virtual workshops give them access to professionals who may be on the other side of the country.

Budget-friendly. Taking an online virtual workshop is more cost effective than taking one in person. Not only are the ticket prices typically more affordable, but you save the costs involved in traveling to attend a workshop in person.

Book a Discovery Call today to find out how you can effortlessly set up meetings and workshops with other people internally and externally. By visually collaborating and recording the actions and outcomes in one place, this simplifies your meetings, enhances workshop delivery and improves overall productivity.

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